iRest® – Yoga Nidra and Meditation Level 1 Training

iRest® – Yoga Nidra and Meditation Level 1 Training
March 9, 2016 ayluser1

Join us for this acclaimed iRest Level 1 training: Melbourne 23-28 May 2017

iRest or Integrative restoration is a complete path of meditation in the non-dual tradition. At the heart of iRest is the practice of yoga nidra that has been expanded and contextualised to our modern secular setting by its developer Dr. Richard Miller.

This training will provide you with the basic principles, theory and practices to safely and effectively incorporate iRest into your personal life, professional teaching or clinical practice.

This Level 1 training is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Anticipate a dynamic learning environment that includes in-depth interactive dialogue and experiential sessions.

Registration is now open.
Contact: Fuyuko Toyota
0402 019 843