Omservations – Tales of a spiritual Traveller

Omservations – Tales of a spiritual Traveller
March 16, 2016 ayluser1

Are you stressed and overwhelmed by everyday life but can’t work out how to relax?

Taking readers through a collection of observations, tales and practices, each of which contains lessons and Insights into how to unleash the peace within, Omservations contains a mix of Western and Eastern philosophy and terminology.

Omservations reveals how the simple and seemingly trivial can be as life-altering as the substantial and important. By sharing tales of the wonderful and the mundane in a light-hearted yet insightful way, Omservations opens the reader to the possibility that each experience is a chance for peace and inner prosperity. Each story is accessible to both the experienced and novice on their journey to self-realisation and spiritual liberation.

Available from Living Peace