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This is my new life

Beginning yoga is like standing on the shore of a perfectly still lake. As you step in the reflection is disturbed, but as you grow accustomed to the lake and it to you the perfect reflection returns and with it also the ability to see what lies beneath.
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The power of yoga

Yoga teacher Eileen Hall talks about her journey and recovery from cancer.
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Strength and Courage

How yoga is an anchor of peace against lifes harshest blows.
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The not so simple art of Seva

By selfless service to others we inevitably help ourselves.
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Take the risk-be prepared to fall

Adele Barlow discusses the challenge of Dancer Pose and how this can reflect our willingness to take a risk.
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From a stroke to a headstand – Anna’s story

A moving account of one womans healing journey to claim back her yoga practice.
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Back on the mat after 20 years

Confessions of a lapsed yogi
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Asana – A Personal Practice

Duncan Peak reveals how asana can be used as a vehicle for self-discovery
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Following her dharma

How does one find their dharma? Mary-Louise takes us on a personal journey and discovers the joy of giving.
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Beyond the limits

Wheelchair yoga empowers a Sydney group of students and teacher in ways unimagined.
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Teaching freedom on the inside

Peggy Hailstone talks to three yoga teachers who have worked in prisons, and briefly examines contemporary research on yoga in prisons.
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