Yoga Desert Trek with Vivekji Tiwari in conjunction with Camel Treks Australia and Kaivalyadhama

Yoga Desert Trek with Vivekji Tiwari in conjunction with Camel Treks Australia and Kaivalyadhama
March 1, 2016 ayluser1



Held in the stunning region of the Flinders Ranges, Outback South Australia. Vivekji Tiwari will be traveling from his home in Lonavla India where he is a senior Yoga teacher at Kaivalyadhama, the worlds oldest Yoga research and teaching institute. Kaivalyadhama is famous for its integrated approach to yoga therapy and was founded by Swami Kuvalayananda who stated, I have brought up this Institute out of nothing. If it goes to nothing, I do not mind; but Yoga should not be diluted.

Kaivalyadhama’s specific aim is to bring together traditional Yoga with modern science, as neither is thought to be complete without the other. Vivekji Tiwari is a senior teacher at Kaivalyadhama and will be sharing the teachings of Kaivalyadhama with us in Australia over three separate 4 day and 4 night retreats with plans for this becoming an annual event at this time of year.

The other highly influential figure in the development of modern yoga practice in 20th-century India was T. Krishnamacharya (1888–1989), who studied at Kuvalayananda’s institute in the early 1930s and went on to teach some of the most influential global yoga teachers of the 20th century, like B. K. S. Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois and T. K. V. Desikachar.

The whole programme includes a menu of sattvic Ayurvedic vegetarian meals and a team of camels carry all gear required for several days of uninterrupted technology free living. Walks, yoga practices, informal lectures and discussions on related subjects. Special attention is given to those who seek to have an in-depth understanding of any sphere of yoga and is suited to the beginner and advanced yoga practitioners alike.

Camel Treks Australia provides an atmosphere of solitude and space on Merna Mora Station. Situated in the Central Flinders Ranges of Outback South Australia and over looking the iconic western ridges of Wilpena Pound, Merna Mora covers 596 square kilometres of land. The terrain is diverse and home to a variety of plant and animal species. We camp under the stars, preparing meals by the wood fire. Station hospitality and comfortable accommodation provides an ideal start and finish to your experience. Return bus transfer from Adelaide is available on all trecks

Trek Dates Contact us for 2016 dates For more information call Karen on 0432 236 131 or visit the website.