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What’s the story behind the rocks on AYL cover?

“I was drawn to these rocks as they were perfectly stacked in a formation that was first inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy. I have collected all of his books on his various creations using natural materials. What’s beautiful about Andy’s work is that he only uses natural material found in the environment. He creates sculptures from different coloured autumn leaves through to pebbles, natural clays, even icicles which he attaches horizontally to stone surfaces. He photographs them and simply lets them dissolve back into the environment.
To me this is conscious creativity. Andy’s work has been inspiring people for decades now and what’s lovely is that someone from my local community has been inspired to create this on one of Sydney’s most beautiful foreshores.” 

– Jamie Durie


Photo by: David Parry (www.davidparryphoto.com )  Assisted by: Rob Lahoud

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