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Open yourself to clearing away negativities. Then when life shakes your stability, you know you have a foundation of inner peace you can draw upon. In this article, Nancy Jackson (Swami Dayananda) shows you how to bring yourself back to inner peace after times of turmoil. She also provides helpful two-step meditations on how to de-stress

How will the changes to the private insurance health rebate affect the yoga community?

AYL senior writer Suvi Mahonen examines the impact of the recent changes to the private insurance health rebate and who will be most affected. This article brings together various members of the yoga community – from teachers and organisers to students and practitioners – to tell how they will be affected by rebate cuts. In conclusion, they call on the government to support future research that assesses the  effectiveness of yoga in improving health outcomes.

A World United

In this article Samantha Doyle, yoga teacher at the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, asks: what made the United Nations declare an International Day of Yoga (IYD)? What about yoga caught the UN’s attention, and how does yoga promote social change? Doyle proposes four ways in which yoga is changing the world, from the inside out.

Jnana Yoga

Learn how to realise the huge benefits of perceiving the inherent unity and oneness of all life in this article by AYL writer Penelope Unn. Jnana yoga believes that all knowledge lies hidden within us, but certain studies and disciplines will enhance our insight in a quest to “Know thyself”. Our writer gives a guided tour of this belief system and also provides a mini-biography on the famed exponent, Ramana Maharshi.


The ultimate activity for children

In this 4-part series, yoga teacher Loraine Rushton looks at how yoga is far more than a physical activity for children, addressing their mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs as well. This article provides a handy list of Tips and Tools for doing yoga with your children, as well as yoga poses to strengthen spines and develop healthy digestion


Yoga and Motherhood

Swami Karma Karuna knows from experience how hard it can be to find time for yoga during the turbulent times of mothering young children. In this highly practical and encouraging article she discusses how it can be achieved; and helps out by providing five yoga practices that can be done in just five minutes at any time. These will help you to manage those challenging moments that come to every mother.


Finding Solace in Pausing

In this cover story, AYL writer Karen Farrell delves deep into the remarkable life of international TV star Jamie Durie, who has been practising yoga for the last twenty years. Yoga has provided a vital pause amid his hectic work schedules as well as in his other role as a keen eco-activist. His life makes a very interesting read, right from early years through to a future filled with yoga


Yoga rising from the land

Sarah mostly came to yoga later in life when former childhood middle-ear issues returned to plague her in her fifties. Among other unpleasant symptoms she experienced tinnitus, with its incessant ringing and whooshing noises in her ear. It became very difficult to feel quiet and relaxed. The practice of yoga is teaching her to gently inhabit the body. With practice, she can now observe the tinnitus with her mind and it becomes manageable.


Tejas – Be the radiance

Yoga teacher and author Rachel Zinman reminds us that winter is a time to focus on balancing the earth element. By taking her quiz, you can see whether you have an excess of earth in your system or perhaps the earth element is depleted. She shows how to bring back the balance.Rachel Zinman writes about Tejas, or inner fire, and the different ways in which we can work to balance the fire element in our bodies. This can be assisted by means of the Tratakam meditation practice and the Tantra colouring & meditation exercises which are provided

Salamba Sirsasana – Rupavali

Learn how to free-balance steadily and firmly in Salamba Sirsasana from Iyengar yoga teachers Sue and Peter Scott.

Jessica Dewar, founder of Jessica Dewar Yoga. offers a series of sequences that will stretch, strengthen and tone all the muscles of the body.

Enjoy these delicious fuss-free recipes that restore, rejuvenate and revive.


When there are so many different suggestions everywhere, how do we know what is correct? For example, is it okay to let the elbows bend in the ‘Upside Down Bow posture? How much emphasis should we place on the tongue positions when practising yoga? Simon and Bianca from Sydney’s Yoga Synergy answer this and other students’ questions.

Notes from the classroom

Marisa De Stefano became intrigued by Yoga Nidra when she first came across the practice during her study of yoga teaching. This started her on a quest to learn more about the origins, intent and current ways in which the practice is carried out. Here she sets out the distinct stages that assist the mind and body to shift into a relaxed and receptive state.

Yoga Quest

Our overseas contributor, Siddhartha Krishna, looks at various questions from the traditional philosophical side of yoga.


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