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AYL March Issue #62 is out at the news agents from 07 Mar 2019

Dear Yogis,

AYL issue 62 is out!

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Our beloved Geeta Iyengar is no longer amongst us and in this issue we pay tribute to this second pillar of the great Iyengar yoga lineage. Geeta life’s mission was to ensure that her father’s work was well understood and passed on to the wider yoga community, but she also made a matchless contribution to yoga for women. In Remembering Geeta Iyengar on page 44, Linda Apps notes that people remember Geeta for the simplicity that was the key to her teaching and yogic lifestyle. Be sure to see our vinyasa sequence on page 66 which is inspired by Geeta’s book Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood.

Let’s face it, we all enjoy when things go our way. But what do we do when they don’t? We then try to take action to push things in the direction we want. In her article What can we control? on page 20, Nancy Jackson admits that we need to have control in our lives – over our time, finances, relationships and so on – but also we encounter countless things in life that we can’t control. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by it all. Should we let go or press on? Nancy brings a yoga perspective to this dilemma and gives us some great tips on getting the balance right.

In Bhakti Yoga – The Yoga of Transforming Emotions on page 6, Swami Karma Karuna brings us insight into this yoga practice, also known as the ‘yoga of devotion’. She points out how this form of yoga provides a way for us to become aware of our emotional states and transcend the instinctive aspect of our nature. Through the nine traditional practices described in sacred texts we can overcome the lower, base emotions and express our higher qualities. This is practical and inspiring reading for anyone.

Over the last seven issues Elle Campbell has given us a series on understanding deities. We began with Nataraja, Shiva’s form as a cosmic dancer, so it is fitting that we end the series in a full circle, with Shiva as the supreme yogi, in his Shiva-Shakti form. I know many readers will be sorry to come to the end of this fine series.

On page 12, AYL writer Elizabeth Egan interviews Ayla Sutton, a thirteen-year-old who began copying her yoga teacher parents at an early age and has now completed her 350- hour teaching certificate and taught her first class. She is the youngest qualified yoga teacher in the country. How inspiring is that?

Finally, Penny Unn writes on the yoga philosophy of practice with non-attachment (page 68). It sounds paradoxical, but by combining the contrasting terms of committed practice and non-attachment to the outcomes, we can achieve a wonderful calm and flow in our yoga practice.

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