D – Songs of Gratitude

D – Songs of Gratitude
May 24, 2017 ayluser1

Songs of Gratitude

Singer, composer and guitarist Prabhu Miten tours the world with his life partner, Deva Premal, sharing sacred mantras and original songs that open audiences to inner peace and meditation. Much of their time is constantly spent on the road. But, as he tells Suvi Mahonen, in an exclusive interview for Australian Yoga Life, no matter where he is on the planet, he always feels at home.

December 1980. The world was reeling from the tragic assassination of rock legend John Lennon. And as Lennon’s single (Just Like) Starting Over topped the US and UK charts, an orange-robed young man stood in front of a chopping board, in a communal kitchen in Suffolk, England, slowly slicing carrots.

Nobody would have guessed that the unassuming man with the dark hair and modest beard was a former well-known rock musician. They could not have imagined that just a few short years ago, the same man, who prepared vegetables every day for the ashram, had opened for bands such as Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks, and Hall and Oates. Nor could they have known that behind his humble smile and patient concentration was a man wracked with guilt and pain.

For over a year, Miten – formerly known as singer/songwriter Andy Desmond – had been living in what he describes as a ‘psychologically raw and naked’ state in the ashram of Indian mystic Osho. Life in the ashram was a world away from the drugs and sex of the London music scene that he had felt compelled to walk away from.

“Before I came to Osho, I’d always felt on the periphery of life,” Miten says. “And this was while I was making records, playing concerts, and looking successful to my….The complete article is available in the current March issue. If you subscribe to the June issue before the 26th of May you will receive a free copy of the March issue. Please use this link http://ayl.com.au/subscriptions-and-back-issues-fb/