A – Something about Kate

A – Something about Kate
April 28, 2017 ayluser1

Something about Kate

Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual, pain often brings us to yoga. And it was pain of the muscular variety that got 35-year-old Canadian national, Kate Sawford, to her first class.


Sawford, who now resides in the historic township of Braidwood , NSW, says she’d had hip pain for over ten years. “I’d tried a bunch of therapies … physios and all sorts of exercises”. Getting only temporary relief, she realised she needed a more sustainable solution.


Having done a few yoga videos over the years and attended the occasional class, Sawford decided to give yoga a more formal go. Living in Calgary, Alberta—and having just commenced her PhD—she chose the yoga school closest to home.


The Yoga Shala happened to be an Ashtanga studio, operated (as Sawford explains) by two incredibly experienced teachers (Harmony and Jeff Lichty). Sawford attended pretty much every day. It took just over a year for real permanent change in her hip, and about a quarter of that time to fall in love with Ashtanga yoga. Sawford: “I just love the strength concept. The self-practice. The morning classes. The fact that I can take yoga with me when I travel”.


An intensively physical and very athletic form of yoga, Ashtanga might seem a counter-intuitive choice. Surely yin yoga, a therapeutic class, or even a traditional hatha with its pauses between poses would be more suitable for someone with chronic pain? Maybe. But the high-achieving Sawford is not one to do things by half …. The complete article is available in the current March issue available by subscription from our web site http://ayl.com.au/subscriptions-and-back-issues-fb/