A – Finding Forgiveness

A – Finding Forgiveness
April 28, 2017 ayluser1

Finding Forgiveness

Introspection in yoga asks you to find those places within that hold emotional tension, and release them. Nancy Jackson (Swami Dayananda) offers some tips

If you practice yoga and meditation you become aware of your own thinking. When you are stretching in a posture, challenging your strength, releasing in guided relaxation, or sitting in meditation, thoughts come up. And some of those thoughts return time and again to a person or event that creates tightness in the heart. Sometimes it can be about loss or times past, but it can also be about an issue that still doesn’t sit well with you. A difficult but fruitful inquiry is to ask yourself if it is about forgiveness.


Forgiveness is something you do to untie knots of emotional tension. You forgive to release yourself from being entwined by what you consider an unresolved issue, a sense of injustice, or a desire for retribution. Forgiveness opens the pathway to feeling better about yourself.


One of the most challenging of all yoga practices, forgiveness is surprisingly elusive. Your life’s experiences are intertwined with your culture, your tendencies, your relationships, and what you think about yourself. These are then linked with everyone you have encountered and thousands who support your life.


Yet forgiveness can also be clean and easy. How wonderful it feels when someone acknowledges that they inconvenienced you, put you in an awkward position, hurt you, or otherwise did something that affected you. And likewise, it’s a wonderful clearing to admit your own lack of consideration or diplomacy, and ask for another person to ….The complete article is available in the current March issue available direct by subscription from our web site http://ayl.com.au/subscriptions-and-back-issues-fb/