Australian Yoga Life Issue 50

Australian Yoga Life Issue 50


Ground Work
Everyday challenges can so easily tip you off-balance. Nancy Jackson offers techniques to stay grounded and ‘hold your asana’ even as the world dances around you.

Teaching students to trust themselves
New Zealand teacher Donna Farhi asks how do you translate these ambitions into practice in the classroom?

When actions change the world
The compelling stories of three yogis who are making a difference.

Dru Yoga – Living the yogic lifestyle
Dru Yoga talks about how more people are embracing the deeper side of yoga.

Balancing Act
Hobart Iyengar Yoga teacher, doctor and writer Arjun von Caemmerer, shares how he maintains equilibrium in a fast passed world.

AUM. I Can’t Om
When life’s cruelest tragedies paralyse your mind and body, a thoughtful yoga practice can help gently coax you back.

Pondering Prana
Sarah Kearney explains how the elusive concept of prana provides a useful link between Eastern and Western approaches to yoga.

Early Pioneers of Yoga
In this new series, senior AYL writer Peggy Hailstone explores the yoga pioneers of the early 20th century who’ve shared the teachings of modern yoga.

International World Yoga Day
Be part of this June world event in your local community

Mindful Marketing for yogis
Practical tips and strategies to build your yoga business.

AUM. Bhakti Yoga
Bhakti yoga practices offer powerful tools to help us open ourselves to positive emotions and taste the fulfilment of deep spiritual experience.


Melbourne’s Peter Scott explores two asanas that with regular practice will lead to greater awareness, flexibility and steadiness of the hips, groins, legs, knees, ankles and feet.

Vinyasa – squat cycle
This sequence invigorates all parts of the hands, arms, feet, legs, hips and spine.


Notes from the Classroom
Iyengar Yoga teacher Bronwyn Rust’s shares how the ups and downs of a yoga practice reflects the truth in our lives.

What is the safest and simplest way to put your legs behind your head? Bianca and Simon from Sydney’s Yoga Synergy answer this and other student’s questions.

Pranayama – your path to better breathing
Sindar Kaur discusses the benefits of yoga breathing for your wellbeing.

This Yoga Life
Alicia shares the four things that yoga has taught her to live a fuller life.

Sutras – Sacred Threads
Understand the sutras and how to use them in your day-to-day life.

Wholly Munchies
Enjoy some great recipes using these nutritious ingredients.

This Yoga Life
Alicia shares the four things that yoga has taught her to live a fuller life.

Yoga Quest
Our overseas contributor Siddhartha Krishna takes a look at the philosophical side of yoga.

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