Australian Yoga Life Issue 43

Australian Yoga Life Issue 43


Is Yogasana yoga?
It is a passionate and often divisive conversation. Melbourne teacher Amanda McLean’s article looks at this question, and comes to some interesting conclusions.

In conversation with AG and Indra Mohan
A G and Indra Mohan toured Australia late last year. Alice Williams asked them about their teachings and Krishnamacharya’s legacy.

Samskara – Breaking Patterns
Nancy Jackson (Swami Dayananda) explores memory and how inquiry and meditation can use your past to influence your future.

Beyond the Body – Compassion
Leigh Marchant looks at how a dedicated yoga practice can bring about changes that encourage us to become more compassionate.

Safety in Yoga Practice – Is it a given?
At some stage in our yoga journey many of us will have pushed the limits, read about some of the reasons why we do this, and how to avoid the repercussions.

Yoga full Circle.
Falling out of love with your yoga practice’ is not the sort of thing you expect to hear from a yoga teacher – but what happens if you do!

Wisdom of the Ancients.
Rahda Bornstein explains the five elements of Ayurveda and how this practical science can be used every day.

Heads Up on Headaches.
We look at the causes, and how yoga can help relieve them – especially tension headaches.

Fire up your Core
Which yoga practices fire up the core muscles? Margaux Lovett shows how yoga facilitates the whole body to create a strong and balanced core.


Notes from the classroom
IYTA president Mary-Louise Parkinson shares her story about when something goes wrong during class. A must read for all teachers.

How can I begin to increase the flexibility of my hips? Sydney’s Simon and Bianca from Yoga Synergy answer this, and other student’s questions.

Yoga Quest
Our overseas contributor Siddhartha Krishna takes a look at the philosophical side of yoga.

Sutras – Sacred Threads
Understand the sutras and how to use them in your day-to-day life.

This Yoga Life
Greg asks why don’t more young men don’t do yoga.

Prana Rahasya
Sydney based yoga teacher Sindar Kaur answers your pranayama questions.

Wholly Munchies
Great recipes to tempt you in the winter months.

Books CD & DVD reviews

Australia-wide Teacher Training directory

Retreat Directory
Your guide to Australian and overseas retreats.

Classified Directory
A comprehensive guide to products and services.


Parighasana – Gate Pose
Melbourne Iyengar teachers Peter and Sue Scott guide us through this pose that strengthens the side of our torso, opens shoulders, and helps to reduce neck and shoulder tension. It also helps improve breathing capacity.

Evolutionary Vinyasa
This vinyasa integrates strengthening, cleansing, and calming poses encouraging a healthy body and clear mind.