Past articles: Yoga and Sport

Here are some articles from earlier issues of Australian Yoga Life which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the read more links.

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Yoga on the crest of a wave

How yoga helps surfers like world champion Tom Carroll
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Athens Olympics and yoga

Jane Robinson is one of Australia’s leading athletes. Her preparation for the Athens Olympics has been a combination of both conventional training and yoga with her teacher Bill Giles. In this article they talk to Greg Wythes.
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Aussies go to bat for yoga

Sydney yoga teacher Kate Turner accompanies our cricketers to India.
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The Titans rugby team turns to yoga

Yoga and rugby may seem unlikely allies but yoga is now part of the regular training
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Iyengar Yoga and the AFL

Greg Wythes talks to leading AFL clubs, Geelong and Hawthorn, about how yoga fits with their training schedule.
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