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Getting started

You’ve put your toe through the door, and the teacher’s seen you. There’s no turning back, but do you know what’s ahead? Here are some tips to help you understand, and enjoy your first few yoga classes.
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Exploring the bandhas

Mulabandha provides core strength by supporting and stabilising the spine. Anyone practising yoga or undertaking load-bearing physical activities can benefit from knowing how to ‘turn it on.’ Graeme Northfield explains.
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Jala Neti

This easy practice will have your blocked nose clear in no time.
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Emotion in Motion

What to do when our practice unleashes emotions stored within for many years. How does the process work, and how can we use it as a tool for self-development?
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Bhakti yoga

Practices that offer powerful tools to a deep spiritual experience.
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Sankalpa-Sowing the seeds of change

Swami Poornaseva discusses how we can help steer our life\’s journey in a positive direction.
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Nada yoga

Soraya Saraswati discusses how sound can be a powerful meditative and transformative tool in yoga
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Love my yoga class

But what about a home practice? We help you get started.
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Breath of life

Michael de Manincor looks at how to develop breath awareness in your yoga practice and how to carry this through the your day.
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“Those that know the secret of sound know the mystery of the whole universe”. Mantra repetition is also a tool which can release us from the trappings of our grasping mind, hence serving as a focusing device.
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