Past articles: Philosophy

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The eight limbs of yoga

To many, yoga means postures or physical positions of the body, but it is much, much more. The word itself implies a linking or blending or harmony of what with what? Well, harmony within the individual and also with the environment. Harmony and balance between all the systems of the body.
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Making space for spirituality

A spiritual life doesn’t mean putting on sack cloth, abandoning family and employment, denying yourself all pleasures and removing to a hermetic existence. But religion and spirituality are quite distinct, and the spiritual practice of yoga invites us to investigate and understand for ourselves who we are and how to live.
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Yoga – What links does it have with Hinduism?

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The Bhagavad Gita

The first of a four part series discussing this important yoga text.
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Living in the Dharma

How does this foundational philosophy of yoga encourage us to live in mindfulness and do the right thing?
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Is life an illusion?

Nancy Jackson encourages us to look at Vedic philosophy to help develop discrimination.
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Karma – take responsibility now

The Law of Karma offers insight to remind us to be present in the moment and accept responsibility for our lives.
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Patanjali unplugged

An insightful look at this great yoga master from a new perspective.
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