Past articles: Anatomy

Here are some articles from earlier issues of Australian Yoga Life which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the read more links.

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Happy Feet

Explore the importance of feet as the foundation to asana, and how to awaken your feet
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Knees up!

Follow Flo Fenton’s tips to help understand your knees, and how to protect them during your practice.
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Yoga injuries don’t add up

A must read story for all yogis. This article challenges some recent statistics that appeared in the Australia media.
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The Importance of Alignment — Spine and Sacrum

Melbourne yoga teacher Jeni Juokslahti explains why we need to focus on alignment.
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Working with the Abdominals

Byron Bays Flo Fenton explores the benefits of strong abdominal muscles.
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Yoga and the Shoulder Joint part 1

Byron Bays Flo Fenton helps us understand this amazing joint,how to work with it, minimise strain and prevent injury.
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