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Why retreat? Finding sanctuary and finding yourself.

Jo Begbie gives advice on how to make most of your retreat and increase the benefits.



The Science of Meditation

Louise Hewitt gives us glimpses into an illuminating book on the neuroscience of meditation. Learn more of how
to apply this science to further advance ourselves and humanity as a whole.


Yogis behaving badly

Contending with the fast pace and competing demands of modern life, Michele Spencer tries to understand the unique demands on a modern yoga teacher. When she poses a question online: “Do you have to be kind to teach yoga?” she gets some  surprising results.




Continuing with our series on Hindu deities, Elle Campbell turns her attention to the most misunderstood deity of all, the goddess Kali.


Amber Sherlock – Embracing the Journey

AYL writer Suvi Mahonen talks with Nine News Now presenter Amber Sherlock on life’s fragility and how to make every moment count.


Yoga Ecology – A strand in the web of life

Swami Karma Karuna outlines how yoga ecology practices enable us to be more connected to the laws of nature and participate in the rhythms of the universe.


Making a difference when nothing else does

In this motivating article, Loraine discusses how yoga teachers can use Meridian Yoga Therapy as a tool to work with kids and teenagers.


Hypermobility and the yoga teacher

Jahne Hope shares the findings that surprised her when she began to look in detail at the condition of hypermobility, and offers ideas for how to work with students who have this condition.


Commitment – The yoga of discovery

AYL senior writer Nancy Jackson (Swami Dayananda) helps us to understand how yoga as an ongoing practice is a rewarding commitment to yourself.


Iyengar Yoga therapy with Stephanie Quirk

Simon Joannou catches up with Stephanie Quirk about her work in yoga therapy, her own teaching journey, and just what has kept her in India for over two decades.


Transform your yoga practice through selfknowledge

Tehla Bower tells her story and talks with John Weddepohl about his own yoga journey and the fundamental importance
of the student-teacher relationship.



UPAVISTHA KONASANA – Seated Angle Posture

Kate Pell explains this cooling and calming  posture, also known as Wide Leg Seated Forward Bend.


Power flow Vinyasa

Jessica Dewar demonstrates a powerful flow sequence that helps to balance strength and flexibility.

Regular features

This Yoga Life

Cat Woods shares the experience of her first yoga class and also her experience with her Waheguru, Denise Payne.

Notes from the classroom

Stephanie shares her experiences and challenges on being a new yoga teacher.


Is there any scientific basis to the idea of moving Kundalini up the spine? Simon and Bianca from Sydney’s Yoga Synergy answer this and other student’s questions.

Pranayama – your path to better breathing

Sindar Kaur discusses the benefits of yoga breathing for your wellbeing.

Yoga Quest

Our overseas contributor Siddhartha Krishna takes a look at the philosophical side of yoga.

Wholly Munchies

Enjoy these delicious fuss free recipes that restore, rejuvenate and revive.

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Your guide to Australian and Overseas retreats.

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