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The journey home

Suvi Mahonen looks at how yoga can give hope to veterans and frontline service workers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Songs of gratitude

AYL’s exclusive interview with composer and guitarist Prabhu Mitten. Mitten a former rock star, now sharing sacred mantras and songs shares his story with life partner Deva Premal .


Finding forgiveness

Introspection in yoga asks you to find those places within that hold emotional tension and release them. Nancy Jackson offers some tips.


Creating change – Understanding Sankalpa 

A common motivation for practicing yoga is a desire to grow or change in some way. Understanding how past experiences influence our day-to-day lives and behavior offers a pathway to a more fulfilling life.


Principals of adjusting – tips for teachers 

James E Bryan, senior Knoff Yoga teacher offers tips to help you adjust safely and with confidence.
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Varanasi – where yoga is hidden in plain sight 

Lisa Allwell explores Varanasi regarded by many as the holiest city in India

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Yoga research – does it stack up? 

Is their enough empirical evidence for health professionals to recommend yoga?


Early Pioneers of Yoga

Peggy Hailstone concluding article exploring some of the yoga pioneers of the early 20th century who’ve shared the teachings of modern yoga. This issue we feature BKS Iyengar and Patthabi Jois.

Insight Yoga Sutras

Gen Y, social media and yoga

Many Gen Y yoga students confess they felt the pressure of constant feedback about their lives via social media, their biggest challenge feeling confused about how to create meaning in their life. Can yoga help?


Something about Kate

Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual, pain often brings us to yoga. From the small country town of Braidwood Kate Sawford shares her inspiring story of courage.


IYTA – a half-century of service to Australian yoga 

Debbie Hodgson looks at the contribution or the worldwide organisation and what the future holds.


Digestive health care – an ayurvedic perspective  




Pavsvottanasana – Pyramid Pose

Adam Bornstein explains how this pose is like a laser. It focuses concentration and teaches us to be anchored in the present.


Explore your strength

Anna Quest’s Navasana sequence helps you build a strong back and correcting alignment

Regular features


There’s a discomfort in my lower back after doing Upward Facing Dog. How can I prevent this? Simon and Bianca from Sydney’s Yoga Synergy answer this and other student’s questions.

Pranayama – your path to better breathing

Sindar Kaur discusses the benefits of yoga breathing for your wellbeing.

Yoga Quest

Our overseas contributor Siddhartha Krishna takes a look at the philosophical side of yoga.

Wholly Munchies

Try spiralising your vegetables it reduces cooking time and preserves both flavour and nutrients

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