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Uniting a community through yoga

Suvi Mahonen discovers an inspiring collective of yoga teachers in rural Victoria spreading the benefits of yoga.



Inner Strength

Nancy Jackson explores how yoga and meditation gives you the power to absorb life’s knocks and help others make their way through theirs.



Understanding Deities

Elle Campbell continues her series looking at the symbolism found within some of the more familiar images seen in the yoga and Hindu culture. This issue we look at Ganesha.



Core Balancing – part 2 

Donna Farhi’s continuing article explores ways of releasing and lengthening the posts.
For part one of Core Balancing go to


Yoga and chanting 

Sometimes we are asked to chant in a yoga class, yet many of us know little about this ancient practice. What is the purpose or meaning and what are the benefits?


Developing your intuition  

One of the simplest ways to nurture and strengthen your intuition is through the regular practice of yoga and meditation. Penny Unn shares her insights.


Mudras – using the hands, face and body

Mudras are the body language of the yogis used to create subtle experiences and express inner states of well-being. AYL looks at some simple practices that you can incorporate as part of your practice.



Western medicine is currently discovering ayurveda offers a means for gaining, maintaining or improving your health. And as yoga has taught for eons – the key is on the inside.

Vagus_300px copy

Yoga and the Vagus nerve

Yoga has long been known as a spiritual and holistic practice, but how do we understand and explain the science behind the benefits? In the first of a series of articles Louise Hewitt explores the Vagus nerve.

Sri Mrinalini Mata

Yoga News – Sri Mrinalini

Self-Realization Fellowship president passes away at 86.


Iyengar Yoga Convention

Don’t miss this November event. Three Iyengar practitioners share what it is that draws people to Iyengar Yoga.


Yoga News – IYTA Conference

Celebrating 50 years of Yoga at Sydney Town Hall in October.



Padmasana – Lotus Pose

Tim Oddie takes us through, possibly the most recognisable, iconic of all yoga asanas.


Eight ways to use your yoga block

Using a yoga block for a practice or class can be fun and can increase our focus, stability and strength –shedding new light on our alignment in some important yoga asanas.

Regular features

This Yoga Life minimalism

Tash Larkin shares how 20 years of yoga empowers her life to make conscious decisions to reduce her carbon footprint.



Is there any scientific basis to the idea of moving Kundalini up the spine? Simon and Bianca from Sydney’s Yoga Synergy answer this and other student’s questions.

Pranayama – your path to better breathing

Sindar Kaur discusses the benefits of yoga breathing for your wellbeing.

Yoga Quest

Our overseas contributor Siddhartha Krishna takes a look at the philosophical side of yoga.

Wholly Munchies

Enjoy these delicious fuss free recipes that restore, rejuvenate and revive.

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