Emu Park – Retreat at The Haven, Central Queensland

Emu Park – Retreat at The Haven, Central Queensland
March 9, 2016 ayluser1


Retreats give us the opportunity to deepen our yoga experience and create community with others who share our passion for yoga. Breaking routine and going away for a short holiday is an essential part of a happy life. It recharges us, reignites us and wakes us up to the possibilities that exist beyond our everyday existence.

Enjoy 5 nights and 4 days of Iyengar Yoga with Linda Apps, JI2 qualified Iyengar teacher. I?ve been teaching retreats for more than 15 years. I have fond memories of going away on retreat with my first teacher Peter Thomson and love offering people a similar experience.

Retreats allow us the luxury of space and time around our yoga practice to process the things that come up. Often a deep yoga practice can unsettle and bring up anger or other emotions that are difficult to look at when you?re busy trying to get the kids to school or yourself to work. A yoga retreat lets us deal with this stuff in a supportive and sympathetic environment.

You will love doing yoga surrounded by nature because it takes you out of your head, feeling the heat and the breeze, and smelling the earth. There is something liberating about feeling yourself moving in the warmth with the vigour of a tropical vine and revitalising afterwards with a swim in the ocean!

Going on retreat helps shifts your focus to the big picture and lets you return to your routine excited and energised, with new perspective and enthusiasm. As someone at my last retreat said ‘My partner always encourages me to go on retreat because he knows I?ll come back a happier person, easier to live with!’