Byron Bay 5Elements Healing for the Heart Retreat

Byron Bay 5Elements Healing for the Heart Retreat
March 1, 2016 ayluser1


To heal the self, we must first step out of the noise and into the quiet rhythm of nature. It is in the heart where our nature spirit resides, away from the ego and the physical self.

This retreat is about connecting you back to your nature. Using energy, prana and the elemental forces to open the heart space for healing.

Tallow Beach Houses in Suffolk Park offers a quiet place to relax and unwind. The beachfront cottages are private and self-contained. Located at the edge of Arakwal National Park and only a short walk to the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse.

You will discover the healing benefits of: 5 Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water Extensive use of breath sequences Energy/Qi points Vegetarian food

Daily practice of; Qigong Meditation Yin/Yang Yoga

Tallow Beach Houses, Byron Bay, 3 nights. Prices start from $650 – includes accommodation, vegetarian meals, and all activities. There is an option for self-catering.

Join us to create a solid foundation that will benefit your health and vitality.