Contribute to Australian Yoga LIFE

Getting in print

Australian Yoga Life is a uniquely all Australian magazine which is intended to be accessible to the broadest spectrum of readers. Before you begin writing, please download the word document and read the guidelines.

Whilst we encourage individual styles of writing in the magazine, we do ask you to observe these points. If you follow the guidelines closely you will maximise the chances of your article being accepted for publication.

Before starting to write your article consider: Who is it aimed at? What kind of potential AYL reader is likely to be interested in it? Does it give the reader something to think about? Does it impart new knowledge? Is there something to do or practice? Does the article challenge or reinforce ideas? Do you want to inspire readers? Or entertain them? Or perhaps you want to share an experience or insight that you think others will relate to. Articles for AYL should contain some, or possibly all, of these features.

We pay up to $500 for a published article of up to 2250 words. Good luck with your writing

Notes from classroom/Student

Notes from the classroom submitted from students and teachers are non-paid articles, other than a complimentary one year subscription.

Articles should be no longer than 800 words plus a 50 word bio. Please read our editors brief. If you are unsure how to approach the article please read our first time writers guide which you can download.